And the day came when the risk to remain tight in bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom - Anais Nin Karen Rose
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Vital Health & Energy

There is nothing more important than having vital health and energy. Without good health, you will never be able to achieve your true potential. If you have ever been knocked down by the flu for a weekend, you know how much you appreciate your health when you feel better. If you've ever been challenged with a chronic illness or disease you definitely know the importance of good health.

Vital health and energy are easy to achieve. I had a crash course in this a few years ago when my body spun out of control with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM). I was searching for this answer before I got sick, since I was often challenged with allergies and sinus irritation. The things that helped me recover are the answers to releasing any illness or disease.

Dr. Robert O. Young is a microbiologist and scientist and author of the best selling book the pH Miracle. His research lead me to fully recovering from CFS and FM, both of these illnesses are very debilitating. Most people that get either or both of these illnesses never fully recover. I released both illnesses in 1 1/2 years. Dr. Young says we're not an over fat society or an over diseased society, we're an over acidic society. Acid goes to the weakest part of the body and shows up as fatigue, aches and pain, disease, and excess fat on the body. When we raise our alkaline and pH level, the excess acid in our body releases. Just like a car battery needs to be alkaline to perform at its maximum potential, your body needs to be alkaline at a pH level of 7.3-7.5 to perform at your maximum potential. The way that we achieve this is through our lifestyle, and our thoughts, words and deeds, as well as what we eat and drink. Many years before Dr. Young discovered this concept, Edgar Cayce, the father of holistic medicine said the same thing. When we raise our alkaline and pH in our body and the acid will release and disease can't live in an alkaline environment.

I am a living testimonial of this concept. I was so scared when I got sick. I missed eight months of work in one year. Once I followed the alkaline approach to eating, and drinking SuperGreens, I started to get better. I focused on keeping my thoughts, words, and deeds positive. I left a job that wasn't supportive and took my huge leap of faith to become a full time professional speaker. All of these things were vital to help me get my life back. I now am a true example of vital health and energy and a SuperGreens pH miracle.

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Karen’s speech “What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You?” is designed to teach you how to adapt the alkaline approach to eating and healing to create a healthy life. To schedule Karen to speak at your next event, meeting or convention, call Blossoming Rose Communications at 727-329-8060. For an audio or video tape of this speech click on to the products page on this web site. To learn more about Dr. Young's concept and to order SuperGreens, the alkaline drink that helped Karen fully recover from CFS and FM call Blossoming Rose Communications for more info.

Remember, for vital health and energy everyday, Alkazine and Energize!