And the day came when the risk to remain tight in bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom - Anais Nin Karen Rose
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Take God Care Of Yourself 

Self care has become very popular, for good reason. As our lives continue to get more hectic, we often forget to put ourselves on a priority list. Many people are learning that if they don't take good care of themselves, they don't have anything left to give to any one else.
This book includes a combination of simple things that will help you feel better every day. Do as many or as few things to fit your schedule. As you start to experience positive changes, you'll want to do more things that continue to nurture your mind, body & spirit.
Book Investment $14.95

Drink made of dried grasses and minerals to help raise you’re alkaline and pH level can be ordered by contacting Blossoming Rose Communications at 727-329-8060.

How to Become a World Champion in Your Own Life
Inspired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers World Champion Super Bowl title, includes strategies that all champions follow and will assist you to become a world champion in your life.
This Learning System includes an audio tape and workbook. The tape will give you strategies and help set goals to take action to achieve your dreams. Lots of powerful examples are given that will inspire you and serve as metaphors to help you to make your dreams come true.

Learning System Investment $25.

Embrace Your Challenging Times...They Really Are Your Blessings
How to Turn Any Adversity into an Opportunity.
How do you deal with adversity? Life presents us with many tests and challenges. While we're "going through it" it's often a hard to see the blessings and opportunities. This speech focuses on how to empower and support ourselves by exploring many types of challenges. Karen will inspire you by sharing many stories of triumph, teaching how people of all walks of life embrace their challenges and use them for their advancement.

Audio Tape of the Speech Investment $10.

What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You?
This speech focuses on overcoming health challenges and preventing future health challenges to have vital health and energy all the time.
Karen Rose has overcome a chronic illness in a very short time. Most people with this debilitating illness suffer many years and some never fully recover. Karen's successful healing approach was carefully studied by a microbiologist, and it's the answer to cure any disease or ailment. Karen's success story will inspire you and help you realize how to cure any health challenge, and prevent future health challenges. Vital health and energy is our birth right. Karen will teach you how to enjoy that every day.

Audio Tape of Speech Investment $10.

Video Tape of Speech Investment $25.

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