And the day came when the risk to remain tight in bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom - Anais Nin Karen Rose
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Karen L. Rose's Areas of Expertise Include:

Wellness and Overcoming Health Challenges. Karen has fully recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromylagia after 1 1/2 years of suffering from these debilitating illnesses. Her belief that she "didn't have time for this" lead her to finding her own treatment plan (in between naps). Whether a person is dealing with a health challenge, or is interested in wellness and preventing future challenges, Karen’s programs will help you have healthy employees. For those that are dealing with a health challenge, this treatment plan will support them in getting their life back. She will also teach simple ways to lower your stress and take good care of yourself every day, from her book "Take Good Care Of Yourself...Simple Things You Can Do Right Now."

Embracing Change and Challenging Times. Karen inspires audiences by teaching those steps and life skills to take to overcome adversity with grace and ease. Karen is a living example of what is possible.

Self Esteem. Karen's commitment to her personal and professional growth has helped her understand herself better and increased her self esteem. Karen is a life long student of learning which includes participating in various seminars, conventions, spiritual groups, and modeling classes. Also, Karen consistently listens to positive, inspiring audio tapes/CD's, and reads positive inspiring books.

Why Hire Karen?

Features & Benefits Include:

Master of Arts Degree in Applied Psychology
Strong Counseling and Communication Skills
Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Merchandising
Spokes Model
Professional & Classy Appearance
Over 20 years of Sales Experience
Strong Customer Service Skills

Karen is an active member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the National Speakers Association Central Florida (NSA-CF) chapter. She is a life long learner, Karen is constantly enhancing her skills by attending conventions and seminars, reading books, listening to CD’s and watching DVD’s and regularly talks with her network of professional speakers to learn from them, to be one of the best in the speaking industry.

Highly Motivated
Caring & Compassionate
Highly Creative

Karen is...
• inspiring and motivating audiences to take immediate action by delivering a message that allows the audience to see the possibilities and giving them renewed hope.

• very positive, energetic and entertaining.

• delivering programs that are high content, and customized for your organization.

• the same on and off the platform. Karen is a living example of what she teaches.

• abiding by the Speakers Code of Ethics as defined by the National Speakers Association at all times.

Karen has appeared on:

DaytimeTalk Show, Syndicated in the South East, tip series called Sanity Savers. Tips are from Karen’s book Take Good Care of Yourself! Simple Things You Can Do Right Now!

TV Talk Shows

TV News Stories on Lowering Your Stress & Wellness

National Syndicated Talk Radio shows

PBS TV On-Air Spokesperson, Pledge Drive Campaign

Karen Rose

Skills Karen Teaches To Become A Model Person In Life Include:
Overcoming Conflict
Create Harmony in Relationships by Appreciating & Respecting Differences
Overcoming Adversity
Developing Self Confidence
Building Self Esteem and a Positive Image
Taking Good Care of Yourself
Believing & Seeing the Possibilities
Career Skills, Writing a Resume, Interview Techniques with a Mock Interview
Goal Setting & Success Strategies
Public Speaking
Promoting & Marketing Yourself & Your Products
Skin Care & Make Up
Nutrition & Exercise
TV Commercial Auditions
Preparing for a photo shoot

What Karen's Audiences Say:
"Karen is Dynamic, Charismatic, Passionate, Insightful, & Compassionate."
"Karen is very knowledgeable about general life lessons."
"She teaches new skills that will benefit me in the future."
"Karen explains things in a way that is easy to understand."
"She makes you feel good about yourself."
"She makes you feel at ease. She is easy to communicate with."
"Karen is a great teacher and speaker. I hope to hear her speak again soon."

Hire Karen For:

  • Dynamic Speeches for your conventions and meetings.
  • Motivating Training seminars for your breakout sessions at your convention.
  • Spouse/Partner programs for conventions and meetings.
  • Charismatic Product/Media Spokesperson.
  • Personal & Professional Coaching.
  • Expert Panel Participant.
  • Professional Business Consulting.